Bitcoin Mining Complexity Hits All-Time High

  • On April 11, Bitcoin mining difficulty hit a new all-time high (ATH).
  • The indicator increased by 3.92% and reached a level of 86.39 T.
  • The average hash rate remains at 618.15 EH/s.

On April 11, 2024, Bitcoin mining difficulty reached a historic high, hitting 86.39 T. Since the last adjustment, this figure has increased by 3.92%, according to

The current average hash rate in the Bitcoin network stands at 618.15 EH/s.

It’s worth noting that mining difficulty determines the required cumulative power of equipment for cryptocurrency mining. An increase in this indicator brings the date of the first cryptocurrency’s halving closer. Under certain conditions, it could occur in April 2024.

The next adjustment is scheduled for approximately April 25. The forecast suggests a decrease of 0.15%, according to

Recall that on March 28, Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased by 0.98%, reaching 83.13 T.

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